About Cloud Club


Who are we

What is Cloud Club?

Cloud Club is a Danish technology society with a dedicated focus on cloud technology and a clear mission to grow and distribute the general knowledge of cloud services, best practices and new trends, thereby guiding IT professionals on the possibilities of working with cloud technology.

Cloud Club originates in Odense and is generally focused on Funen, with the ambition to make Funen IT professionals leading experts in cloud technology.

How does it work?

With a mix of quality meet-ups, conferences, workshops and networking events, Cloud Club will help you explore the possibilities of cloud services by introducing you to companies and people in the industry, give you access to crucial learnings and knowledge from cloud experts and in general help you grow your proficiency in cloud technology.

We are dedicated to provide a high level of quality both when it comes to content, events and speakers, and our goal is to connect you with top influences in the industry giving you the best learnings, knowledge and network.

Who is Cloud Club?

Cloud Club is run by local Funen companies and IT professionals. The main initiative comes from Umbraco and the dedicated people from Umbraco HQ. We welcome any companies on Funen interested in supporting the initiative.