Who are we

The faces behind Cloud Club

Jacob Midtgaard Olsen

Chief Technology Officer at Umbraco

Jacob has a background in computer science and spent the last 8+ year building SaaS platforms using a broad mix of cloud providers and services. Jacob has a big passion for building great products together with fantastic teams of dedicated professionals and has a general no-nonsense approach to IT, which he executes daily as the CTO of Umbraco.

Joachim Stapelfedt

Head of Operations at Umbraco

Joachim spends most of his days making sure Umbraco Cloud performs as it should while the uptime is superb. He was spawned in the MSP community in Denmark where he worked with various "old school" tech like Hyper-V, VMWare and Exchange. In the last few years, his love has been on the public cloud with a focus on SaaS and PaaS, since he was getting tired of updating Windows. When Joachim is not DevOpsing stuff he tries to be a better golfer and being "the old guy" in Fortnite.

Nicolai Birkmose Oksen

Senior Developer at Umbraco

Nicolai is a developer with a passion for clean code and helping others through code. He has spent most of his adult life as a developer and is primarily engaged in C# development and uses Azure as a playground. He also dabbles in web development and is very fond of VueJS. Besides all technical babble above, Nicolai is passionate about weight lifting and uses it as a break from the normal day job at the office.